Whether you need assistance with something you've already written, someone to put to paper your ideas or outright need something from scratch, you've come to the right place.


Have your book, report or other document written or rewritten by a professional while still being able to credit your own name as the author.  


  • Personal consultation to go over the project to plan and outline entire process
  • Option to sign an NDA and/or IPA so once it's yours, it's yours
  • Assistance in publishing the work after completion
  • Post-writing edit by trusted third-party upon request


Make sure that your own work is at the highest level possible. 


  • Proofreading/line editing: making sure there are no mistakes in grammar, syntax, spelling or awkward wording
  • Structural editing: designing and fixing the general layout of the document
  • Content editing: going over the entire document and making changes in the overall story or theme.
  • Fact checking: examinig the entire document to make sure any facts and figures are 100% accurate an within context